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Ephemily is a construct, a release valve, an alter ego.  She is an over the top caricature of her real-life troublemaker painted in broad strokes, bright colors, and leopard print.  Ephemily is the candle burning at both ends, true to herself, unashamed, and exactly what her handler wants to be when she grows up.

Ephemily's handler is Jessica Sophir, redhead by choice,  government employee by necessity, and lover for sport.

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Will Ross
Will Ross one of the authors of One Eighteen: Migration, and other works of poetry, humor, and satire. He lives in Chicago, IL with his girlfriend and one day hopes to fire a railgun at the moon."
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Dave Nesbit

Dave Nesbit is a writer, performer, photographer and videographer in Omaha Nebraska.  Born a  child of an Irish mixed marriage with Catholics on one side and protestants on the other Dave learned to hone a sense of anger that was less an attitude and more of a birthright.  Along the way Dave has worked as a bouncer, a bodyguard, made the tubing for hypodermic needles and a host of other odd and strange jobs that brought him into contact with a host of odd skills and odder people.  Today David takes those experiences and anger and puts it out for everyone else to experience.  Attempting to get an audience thinking while at the same time getting them to laugh.


Travis Heermann 
Freelance writer, English instructor, poker player, biker, roustabout. He is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop, holder of a certificate in Advanced Writing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the author of two published novels, several short fiction pieces in anthologies and magazines, plus a metric ton of role-playing game work both in print and online. He taught English in Japan for three years, where he stood out like a space alien with his head on fire. These days, in addition to writing like a fiend, he hangs out a lot in UNO’s English Department and tortures young minds with otherworldly ideas. He has two long-cherished dreams: a NYT best-seller and a seat in the World Series of Poker.
Podcasts: Heart of the Ronin, Rogues of the Black Fury

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Chris(topher) Wiig

Chris(topher) Wiig was once a professional stage actor. He was a prodigy of the statement "If you can't act in a bear suit then you can't act out of a bear suit". He traded that away to join the corporate sector where he is now paid to stop pharmaceuticals, spam, and look at porn. Well actually now he manages a team of people who look at porn. He still performs locally and has got into making short films with some friends and have won several film festivals with their submissions. One day he'd like to stop working and just do the things that make him happy. He's hoping that day is tomorrow.

To see some of the films and comedy shorts:

LinkedIn (because he works there)

Mikey Taylor

Some call Mikey an enigma... most just call him weird and fucked up. On stage he's been described as a mix of Johnny Cash, Henry Rollins and Jimmy Beam. Off stage he is called an author, a poet, a sensei, an artist, a zombie freak, a warrior, a storyteller, a bullshitter, and oddball, and
* GASP * a nice guy. His topics range from wild to mild, and as outrageous as they may seem.. they are all true. He hopes that you take something away from his performances. If he can make you laugh, that's great. If he can make you think, even better. If he gives you nightmares, he can cross yet another thing off his bucket list. Now if he turns you on.... you are sick and wrong and you should contact him immediately for intense therapy sessions. for Broetry Volume 1: The Romantic and the Bad Ass Mikey's zombie podcast Undead Air

Veronica Noir Smash

 Everything I Do Is Art. I am a transplant from the land of beer, cheese, & better spent tax dollars. I have an urgent need to live my life by the idealistic principles of honesty, creativity, & the constant pursuit of knowledge. An aesthete & perfectionist, I am compelled to make art out of life in all forms: drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, designing & modifying clothing, singing, cooking, making music, tattooing, modeling, makeup & hair artistry, flowery & cutting insults, & most recently, via the written & performed word. I hate pigeonholing, most fiction, capital letters, & typing the word “and,” though I am persnickety about grammar & vocabulary. I’m a total geek/nerd/goofball/dweeb/gearhead/weirdo/dork/wonk/freak/brain/queer/chimera & I’m motherfucking proud of it. I’m a beer snob & an avid footwear collector. My indulgence of choice is social hedonism. I prefer music that makes the ears of the masses bleed & their brains blister. Don’t be fooled by my feminine appearance & 22” corseted waist, as I can kick your ass with my hard-won Roller Derby & mosh pit skills. If life were fair, I’d have an awesome moustachio, a ’56 Buick Limited with dark cherry metalflake, I’d eat ice cream & bacon every day, & I’d be able to see the world in rainbows & fractals. Friend me on Facebook; I don’t give a fuck.

Alysen Ficklin

Alysen Ficklin was taught that poetry follows rules, that good poets count syllables, mark meter and know a hundred rhymes for the word, "love". She's not that kind of poet, so she had to change the rules. In Alysen's world, good poets are emotive and raw, they sometimes use the stage as a therapy couch, and at the end of a reading feel exhilarated and clean -- like they've just run a 5K, laughing all the way. Alysen's goal on the Samurai Stage is to excite, entertain and force you to feel, whether you want to or not. Her favorite tool is her tongue, she believes the English language to be vast and beautiful enough to destroy a man, and the best compliment she's ever received was, "If there was a game show called, 'Make That Girl Cry', I'd want you on my team." 

Megan K. McGuire

Megan is new to the spoken word scene, but she has plenty of credits performing in theatre and opera locally and around the country. She recently had art featured in the Dreaming Art Show and is set to direct Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing with EventGelical productions this August. 

Marlowe Mapes

Marlowe is a writer, performer and scatter-brained artist. She is a hedonist, but she practices responsible debauchery. Marlowe is also notorious for taking on far too many projects at once, and as such; has a wide range of experiences to pull stories from. She has a well-rounded background in theater, is a member of the International Thespian Society, and worked as a speech & drama coach for Mercy High School. Marlowe has appeared in a smattering of local productions, films and music videos, volunteers as a medic at Anime Nebraskon, poses for several local photographers, and performs with drag shows as a femme fatale. You can also catch her on Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature television show (Sunday nights at 9), performing at The Shadows Edge during the haunting season or follow her alter ego "Paradox" on Pin Up Passion.

Joe Riss

Joe has had a passion for writing since he was a child and began performing as a poet in 2007. Since then he has dabbled in comedy and has become known for the unscripted rants and raw energy that he brings to the stage. Along the way he has added sound, security, booking, promotions, and a list of other support roles to his resume.

In early 2010 Joe was approached to help organize a benefit show for a friend fighting leukemia. The event was more successful than anyone had expected and since then he has been using his skills and connections to raise money for families affected by life threatening medical conditions.

Joe's poetry, comedy, bizarre life stories, and political commentary are what make him a great performer. His passion for helping those who need it the most and having fun while doing it are what make him a Samurai.

Samuel Schrage

Samuel Schrage is very funny, but looks aren’t everything, as he knows all too well. Even after suffering a debilitating near-blindness brought on by chronic masturbation, Samuel Schrage doesn’t quit as a performer. Formally trained as a journalist and tending towards the risqué, Samuel was kicked off of not one, but two professional journalistic publications because he cares about you!

Sam doesn’t beat around the bush, muck around, play the fool, fiddle about, pull your chain or jerk you off, but he gives you the honest truth as he sees it, which isn’t much; Sam is 93% blind (and counting) and the only blind comedian he’s never seen. Sam has a big white long stick and he isn’t afraid to use it – many a heckler have fallen victim to his Beat-dude Blind-stick, at least he thinks… his aim isn’t very good. (Again, apologies to Mrs. Cardwell of Bellevue, Nebraska, he hopes your four-year-old wakes up soon.) He is also the co-founder of Grins and Sins Promotions, a local talent group primarily launched to strengthen the stand-up comedy scene in Omaha and the surrounding areas and is always looking for work because, psh, disability checks don’t pay the bills (but he still is grateful to the taxpayers for the cigarettes.)

A hard-worker and a passionate performer, Sam will be honest with you on the mic and off, and will never hesitate to share his often line-stepping views on Americans, disabilities, politics, relationships, sex and the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. (He’s really trying to get on your good side with that last one because he’s a terrible shot.) His goals as a performer are to make you laugh and make you think, in that order, though he attempts both with every performance. In short, he seeks to make George Carlin proud.

Grins and Sins Promotions:
Phone: 402-738-05054

Jessica “Taryn” Kleckner

Taryn is a young performer who is actually, very new to the performing scene. The first time the Samurai met her was her first time on a stage to perform her poetry.
Taryn is very artistic and outgoing. She has been writing pretty much as long as she can remember and has found nothing more important to her. With being as young as she is theres much she hopes to learn and she hopes for growth not only as a person but as a performer. 

Taryn will be brutally honest with you on stage and off, with most of her work being very personal she finds this is the best thing to do. Honesty is the best policy after all. She is the type of person that can know about a show for months but doesn’t get her material ready til the day of or night before, she found things come more naturally to her that way, the emotions are more raw.

The only thing Taryn wants out of life is maybe some dentist created permanent vampire fangs, but definitely to at least touch one person with her writing. Impact one person’s life with her words the way other’s poetry did for her. So as a crazy, multi personality, charismatic, spastic, random, artistic, dark, emotional person, Taryn pops out of her can and onto the stage, leaving the world never knowing what it’s going to get that night.

Melissa Breazile

Melissa Breazile gets a little weird about writing bios. Should she tell you about her writing credentials? That includes a journalism background and policy wonkery. Creative stuff, too, but not many writing credits yet. Should she talk about her interests? OK: writing like a mother******, binding books, engaging in strident feminism, feigning a nomadic life, reading everything in sight. Does she love cats? Yes. Should she keep writing about herself in the third person? Probably not.

Aaron de Monbrun
Aaron de Monbrun
Age: 28
Marital Status: divorced
Children: 3 rugrats
Personal Quote:  " I am the author of my own life, unfortunately I'm writing in blood and cannot erase my mistakes"

Wow, so what do we say about Aaron?  Aaron de Monbrun came as a surprise to the Samurai group; introduced by his friend Barry Dunne, Aaron was asked to fill a 15 minute spot during one of our Samurai shows and innevitably was drafted into our group. Aaron, has grown up all over the world thanks to his loving and dedicated father who served our nations cause in the Navy. Aaron spent five years living in Japan, traveling to Hong Kong, Korea, and about twenty-five of the 50 states in the last 28 years that he's been alive.

        Aaron isn't an English teacher, professor, didn't take journalism, and hasn't worked or really done any type of writing classes other than in college. Aaron's back ground is Criminal Justice, and currently works at the Nuclear Power Plant in Ft. Calhoun Ne. However, over the years of growing up, Aaron fell in love with poetry and found it as an escape, and slowly transformed his works over the many years. Aaron, is a writing fool, any chance he gets, he is either writing, reading, or helping someone by giving constructive criticism and critique's on their works and how to improve them. You will always see him writing something out.
Eventually Aaron does want to become a published poet. He's currently working on consolidating all of his works and formatting them into a presentable option to send off to different publishers here in the US. Aaron's works are deep, and full of metaphor that can really make someone feel the emotions that are penned in his words. He is able to paint pictures with his words and create something beautifully light, or beautifully dark. Aaron is a magician of sorts when it comes to penning what is sometimes considered taboo, difficult or simply over-written, by always thinking outside the box and creating images and metaphor's never thought to be mixed. You can find Aaron on stage at one of our show's, or at the following links:


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