Friday, April 26, 2013

Last thing added to my bucket list

Last thing added to my bucket list

~Ann M Meyers

Last thing added to my bucket list 

Here is the problem, I can't remember.  Was it driving the Nürburgring?  Was it reading something?
Not only can I not remember what was the last thing I added to my bucket list, I can't hardly remember anything on my bucket list, let alone the important things I should be remembering!  Dr. Appointments, etc.
What happened to me?  I'm only 38. 
I'll have whole conversations and forget them.  And I won't have been fiddling with my phone or computer.  I will be there, checked in, responding.  Then later, the memory, gone. 
So maybe, that's what I need to put in my bucket list.  Perform memory improvement exercises.  Or read books on the subject? or Watch videos, or something?
What was I rambling on about?
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Follow my voice!

From the keyboard of our littlest Samurai, Taryn's story from her childhood:

The topic for this post is to tell a story about or from your childhood, well since im still sort of a child I figured I would give this one a go! I have had soo many crazy things happen to me throughout my childhood. From taking a four wheeler out on a frozen lake to blowing up a bounce house with fire crackers. One of my favorite most crazy memories though took place at a cabin in TightWad Missouri. (I recommend you stay as far away from there as possible *grins*) 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ephemily's DIY Cards Against Humanity Tutorial

The Samurai of Spoken Word have an event coming up where we're going to be playing a party game called Cards Against Humanity team trivia style. I'm excited for several reasons. First of all, it's going to be a hoot juut because the game rocks. (It's best described as Apples to Apples for people going to hell.) But, I also get to use my own home made deck AND be the MC for the night. I can't wait for the 28th.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One of the Worst was also the Best

One of the Worst was also the Best- by Ann Myers

When the idea of Worst TV show was thrown up as a blog topic, I thought short and easy and this came to mind. 

Pine Barrens
The "the thirty-seventh episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos"(1 It's the 3rd Season.  For those not "in the know", The Sopranos(2) follows the life and exploits of Italian Mafia Don, Tony Soprano and his wide cast of characters. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

A long time in the making - 118 Migration - Safety

Those of you who know fellow Samurai Will Ross either in person or online know that he's been working on his opus, 118 Migration, for as long as most of us can remember. It's not uncommon for friends to chide him when he's up to his regular antics with "Shouldn't you be writing the ending of 118?". And with that buildup, we the Samurai are proud to announce that along with fellow authors Chris Wiig and Aaron Sailors, Will has released Safety (One Eighteen: Migration) [Kindle Edition]

From his keyboard to your eyeballs, here's his summary of what you get for your $6 ebook purchase.

At long last: The Kindle edition of Book 1 (Eps 1-10.) The print edition has a bit more background information (things that didn't fit/wonked the flow of audio drama) so it's got 10-20% "bonus content."
If you've been a fan of the audio drama and want the book version, this is the perfect companion.  If you're new to Will, Chris, and Aaron's craft, you can start from scratch with the podcasts here.  I can promise you, this is a zombie apocalypse series you won't want to have passed on.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Light-bulb Moment

by Will Ross

My girlfriend and I had a small, low wattage lamp in the living-room of our place in Albany Park. At night we liked to turn off all the lights in the place except for that, and watch terrible terrible television like Bridezillas or The Jersey Shore, while we made fun of it and hoped not to be hit by random gunfire.

Well, things were going quite well with us for a few months... then one day the light burned out. Using her cell phone for light, we scoured the apartment for a replacement bulb, and eventually found one. It wasn't quite designed for this lamp, but we reasoned that the wattage was about right, and it would fit.

It was unfortunately, no ordinary bulb....

a cursed item, forged in the boiler room fires of the GE Electric company by Jack Welch himself, this bulb was somehow circular, fluorescent, blue, and yellow, all at the same time. Capable of emitting a ghostly, humming light to the room that turned your skin the pallor of a zombie, and made all the cat's eyes glow turquoise, this is the bulb that would light our evenings for the next three months.

Named by the dwarves The Lightbulb of Relationshipial Strife, it did its job well...

Friday, January 4, 2013

January, We have shows!

So of course I figured after our one year anniversary I would sit back relax enjoy the moment and chill a bit.
Then the phone rang.
Well okay not the phone but my email, the nice people at the Slowdown told us they would like to have us back on January the 30th.
Which put us in an interesting place because we had a date scheduled for Jan 28 at the Pizza Shoppe. Now we know you love us but two shows in three days is a bit much, so we decided to do something a bit different for the 28th.
We've been kicking around the idea of doing a improv show of some sort for some time, so we decided this would be a great chance for us to do something a bit different.
Ephemily introduced all of us to the game "Cards against Humanity" a while back, for those of you unfamiliar it's basically Apples to Apples for people who are going to hell. It's warped, deranged and more than a little evil.
So for us it's perfect. Which means that on Jan 28th we will be debuting our Samurai Cards Against Humanity Game Night. Come watch us shame ourselves, more so than usual.

Then on Jan 30th Come Join us at the Slowdown at 8:00 for a show full of all you have come to expect from us, Poetry, Stand Up, and Storytelling all in one place. For the low price of ... NOTHING! FREE! Well okay we'll ask you for a donation for a charity that needs the money, and the people at the Slowdown will be happy to sell you a beer or six, but aside from that No cover.

So come join us, the year is starting and we are off and rolling!
Best to you all.
Dave Nesbit