Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Appology to Our Fans

Dear Fans,

There was an mistake last night (4/30/2012) and we want to make sure that some great poets get credit for the works that were covered.
Rives - "Dirty Talk"
Anis Mojgani - "Shake The Dust"
Mike McGee - "I like You"
Shane Koyczan - 'This is My Voice' Remix

In the heat of great poetry we missed the proper mention, and we apologize.

Thanks for coming out and supporting poetry, storytelling, and whatever it is that Dave does.
~The Samurai 
 *Edit:  Ryan Lacy, as a result of the backlash of his performance on April 30th, has chosen to step down from the Samurai of Spoken Word troupe.

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  1. I was at a music performance last nite. The band covered 2 major artists and didn't mention either. Should my panties be in a bunch?