Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb Show - Love Gone Wrong

Oh good gord, where did the time go?  We're almost ready for our next event! 

Now that you've gorged yourself on chocolate, your flowers have died, and you've realized that the dinner you had is a moment on the lips, and a lifetime on the hips, it's time to get real. Love stinks. Dating's hard. Why the fuck would any sane person do it in the first place? Because sometimes, you get either a really great match, or some god damned epic stories. And that's what we have to offer.

Monday, Jan 20th, at the Pizza Shoppe Collective, come watch

David Nesbit
Mikey Taylor
Megan K McGuire
Travis Heermann
Christopher Wiig
Veronica Noir Smash
and myself as Ephemily

as we regale you with stories and reasons why love sucks. The show is free, as always. However, bring your checkbook. All proceeds to the show will benefit the local domestic violence crisis center. As bad as we've got it, somebody's got it worse. 

If you can't make it, we will be streaming the show.  Same link, same time, new day.


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