Friday, March 8, 2013

Follow my voice!

From the keyboard of our littlest Samurai, Taryn's story from her childhood:

The topic for this post is to tell a story about or from your childhood, well since im still sort of a child I figured I would give this one a go! I have had soo many crazy things happen to me throughout my childhood. From taking a four wheeler out on a frozen lake to blowing up a bounce house with fire crackers. One of my favorite most crazy memories though took place at a cabin in TightWad Missouri. (I recommend you stay as far away from there as possible *grins*) 

Myself, my mother and my father's ex were going to her cabin in the middle of the woods in Missouri. We had gone there often, but it was the first time we had took my mom. I found it odd we were taking her though because the two women hated each other so you can probably only imagine the atmosphere was very tense. We arrived at the cabin slightly after one in the morning so we all just went to bed. I woke up before them and having been there before knew my way around the grounds surrounding the cabin and her Uncles cabin next door. I got dressed and ran to his house. He raised goats and told me the baby goat was mine the week before when we had been there with my dad. Once I got to his house, he gave me a bottle full of milk and told me to go feed her. I climbed the fence into the goat pen and that is where this story gets interesting.

I was maybe six or seven at the time, and the goat pen was really just a large extensive fenced off area of the woods. Her uncle was very bored though so the fence made up this maze into different areas and dead ends, he said it was to entertain the goats and train them to get to the house when he called for them. (Weird old man!) So I'm walking, casually through this maze of goats and rusty fencing, throwing twigs and kicking trees. It was a normal sunny day so I wasn't concerned about getting lost or going to far out of sight range of the cabins. Well being so young my mind wonders and I'm still the type of kid that would play make believe so the goats turn into bad guys, I to a super hero and all the trees are helpless victims. So I'm running around poking goats with sticks and screaming at them to, "Leave that poor old woman alone!" 

I had forgot all about my baby goat, when suddenly I see her. I run up to her and feed her the bottle, she guzzles it down so fast that I fall over laughing. "You thirsty little girl!" comes out through the chuckles. That's when I realize how dark its gotten. How long had I been playing in this pen? What time was it? Why was no one looking for me? I could not see ten feet ahead of me barely, and being a six year old I start to panic  I run left and hit a fence line. I run following the fence, refusing to let go, which results in cutting the crap out of my hand. Dead end! I look around, I hear leaves rustling and footstep? So I scream, repeatedly at the top of my lungs "MOM! MOMMY! HELLO?" I run back until i see another passageway in between fences. I'm jumping over tree trunks and dodging goats like crazy the whole time screaming bloody murder. Another dead end. I stop to catch my breath and hear people screaming "Follow my voice, Calm down, Its ok, Follow my voice!" I slowly climb over the fence and out of the "goat pen" to the rest of the woods. I run, in a straight line so far in the wrong direction. I get to a creek and try to remember if I had ever been there before. 

I believe I had been, so I follow the creek the way the water is flowing and end up behind our utility shed. Suddenly its sunny again and it only looks like noon, according to the sun. I run around over to my mom, my fathers ex and her uncle. They are chuckling so hard. That made me soo mad! "Why are you laughing?" I scream in a tone that demands an answer. They all look at each other and laugh before saying, "You were about a yard away from us the entire time sweetie, you really have a wild imagination!"
I never said I was a normal child, noo I put myself in scary situations.

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