Monday, April 23, 2012

Pasta and Plotting

Fellow Samurai, Dave Nesbit and Alysen Ficklen are part of a local group, the Tea and Villain's society.  Once a month, they all dress up in their evil finery and take a local eating establishment by storm.  Raised eyebrows abound because there's an awful lot of black, leather, PVC, studded accessories, and thick eye makeup.  For some silly reason, I had said I couldn't make the original meting, and thus hadn't heard anything more about it.  Silly me, I thought it was a one off and never followed up.

Come to find out, it's a monthly thing.  (Somewhere in here, there's a PMS joke.  I just know it!)  And where have I been?!  Thankfully, I'm now in the know and will be on the list of those informed about future gatherings.  The last meeting was this previous Sunday.  I'd heard about it at the very last moment, so I was under the gun to throw something together.   I was worried.  I mean, the majority of my closet is red or black.  I got this.  The real question was, to rock the eye patch and bitch boots, or not.  Decisions decisions.

As I'm leaving for the dinner, my upstairs neighbor is just getting into his car.  He's been kinda sulky the last couple times I've talked to him, but not this night.  Well, he might have been prior to turning around.  He breaks out into this incredulous grin and says "Well, now that's an outfit."  Instant shit eating grin on my part.  I tell him I'm my way out for the evening, and the whole point is to dress up as an evil villain.  (I just chose to go with the evil version of Sandy from Grease.)

I had the severe dark makeup, the black curly haired fake ponytail, a black tank top with a fishnet shirt over it on, all tucked in to not a poodle skirt, but a rottweiler skirt.  Take your standard sickly sweet poodle skirt from the 50s, dip it in a drum of distilled vitriol and add a chain instead of a leash and that's what I had on.  Over that was my black leather corset and satin bolero jacket with a rhinestone initial pin to pull it all together.  On my feet, I had my black lace bobby socks and my clunky saddle shoes.  Throw on some studded half gloves, and I was something to look at, that's for sure.  Needless to say, my neighbors probably didn't know what they were getting into when I moved in.  Though, I will say, I know full well that my soon to be new neighbor knows.  I told her about the place!  So, if you're reading this;  *waves*  hi neighbor!

Dinner was a good time.  I ate too much, but that's nothing new.  I got a chance to get better acquainted with s few people I'd met a couple times previously.  It's hard to really talk when you're at your own show.  Plus, I run the rig that gets the show streamed online, so when I'm not on stage, I'm babysitting that.  After the show, I'm tearing it down.  Dinner is the perfect time to get that get to know you talk done.  All in all, I'd do it again.  However, I ain't to proud to say that I really just want to post the best photo to come out of the night.  Well, the best photo in my opinion.  This is Dave and myself, indulging our inner evil.  Long live cosplay.  It's cheaper than therapy!

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