Sunday, April 29, 2012

Promoting the Dream

So, so far today I have gone to Biker shops, Tattoo places, Comic shops and a few other places to hang up promotional stuff for dreaming and the art/poker run. all of them were cool, and awesome and thank you all very much. 

The one shop I went to who said no? Hobby Lobby. Really. An "art supply shop" said no to promotional material for an art show.

Fuck you people, my Gaelic is weak. A shame for an Irish American to admit, but perhaps Patricia Kennealy-Morrison could be kind enough to give me a word in that epic language for "Holy War." Cause seriously. It's on. All the nerds, and bikers, and tattoo freaks are in for helping art and charity, but a art shop run by "Christians" says no.

If you happen to be part of the local art community. Two words. "Dick Blick" take your money there.

~Dave N

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