Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Return of Megan K. McGuire

Samurai Megan K. McGuire graced the crowd with her spellbinding presence this last week, where she read several poems by the late poet Adrienne Rich, who passed away in March of this year. She also read some of her original work, which included this rhythm piece- Apolitical

Wait - Adrienne Rich

In paradise every
the desert wind is rising
third thought
in hell there are no thoughts
is of earth
sand screams against your government
issued tent hell’s noise
in your nostrils crawl
into your ear-shell
wrap yourself in no-thought
wait no place for the little lyric
wedding-ring glint the reason why
on earth
they never told you


Apolitical - Megan K. McGuire

If we continue down this path
Make the mistakes
we threaten
to- We're doomed.

You heard me. This is the
Slippery slope the
Road to hell
how can we teach
This leave this to our

We owe it to them
Ourselves to stop
This heresy this injustice
Cannot stand

Cannot stand our rights
Our lies our way of life
Is at stake!

Is this
What you want?
Are you angry
Yet? Who are these clowns
These idiots who think
They can take what is ours?

We must defend ourselves!
Do you hear me?
We must defend
Our biggest fears
Will be
Realized. They are Greedy.
Realized. They are Corrupt.
Realized. They are un-natural
Unreal unlike us

do not

March! Fight! Protest!
Pick up the phone and give!
Vote for the person you want
voting for you

Don't let them ruin
The world. Watch out
For those who
Claim to
Speak the truth!

Just one more thing to
Who the hell are "THEY".?

To see her work performed, check out the first half of the May 21st show on our Ustream Channel.

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