Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who let the Rogues out?

So yesterday was a good day.
Not only did our show raise the bar on excellence, I had a personal milestone yesterday.
My fantasy novel, Rogues of the Black Fury, hit the streets.
Who let the Rogues out?
I did.
That's right, a kick-ass fantasy story that can be encapsulated as Navy SEALS vs. Al-Qaeda in a Renaissance-style fantasy setting.
A link to the Kindle edition is below, but it is also available in trade paperback and all e-reader formats.

“Bold, colorful characters pull the reader into an unforgettable adventure with the perfect mix of suspense, intrigue, and action.” —Jeanne Cavelos, author of The Passing of the Techno-mages 

“Rogues of the Black Fury mixes a berserk action thriller sharp as a mercenary’s sword with hard-bitten fantasy so gritty it might scour your bones clean by the time you’re done.” —Matt Forbeck, author of The Amortals and Carpathia

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