Monday, January 21, 2013

A long time in the making - 118 Migration - Safety

Those of you who know fellow Samurai Will Ross either in person or online know that he's been working on his opus, 118 Migration, for as long as most of us can remember. It's not uncommon for friends to chide him when he's up to his regular antics with "Shouldn't you be writing the ending of 118?". And with that buildup, we the Samurai are proud to announce that along with fellow authors Chris Wiig and Aaron Sailors, Will has released Safety (One Eighteen: Migration) [Kindle Edition]

From his keyboard to your eyeballs, here's his summary of what you get for your $6 ebook purchase.

At long last: The Kindle edition of Book 1 (Eps 1-10.) The print edition has a bit more background information (things that didn't fit/wonked the flow of audio drama) so it's got 10-20% "bonus content."
If you've been a fan of the audio drama and want the book version, this is the perfect companion.  If you're new to Will, Chris, and Aaron's craft, you can start from scratch with the podcasts here.  I can promise you, this is a zombie apocalypse series you won't want to have passed on.

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  1. Not to mention.... the forward to this book is amazing. Trust me... I wrote it.